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A bursting color of summer feast inside Havaianas flagship store in the Philippines with Indoor LED Wall.
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Havaianas Philippines

Project Background and Description

Havaianas is Portuguese for “Hawaiians,” and was influenced by the Zen style of Japanese zori. It was first introduced in Brazil in 1962. The brand began as a small one-man business. Brazil’s most iconic open-toe sandal has gone on to become one of the world’s most famous brands. Their global reach spans more than 100 countries. Consequently, Havaianas is an international brand that people of all ages can wear confidently with any outfit for every occasion. Its design and materials are perfectly adapted to the Philippines’ tropical climate and laid-back lifestyle.

Havaianas have long been an icon of style and fashion worldwide. This firm stands out for developing a better pair of beach-ready flip-flops. Additionally, it also represents a new way of knowing, creating, and embracing digitization in the technological era. Havaianas Philippines has gone through a number of revolutions in the past. On the contrary, this is the brand’s first foray into digital innovation, putting it on the map.

The Problem

Havaianas has worked hard to create a digital experience that maintains an emotional connection with clients via enjoyment, color, and freedom. This retail giant lives on in its simplicity. However, their ability to make their business stylish and colorful has made them a worldwide recognized company today. They identified an opportunity to embrace digital signage and exploited it to gain a competitive advantage and attract consumers.

Havaianas Philippines intends to set the trend by including a graffiti wall, bright street art, and unusual furnishings in their largest store yet. However, more than aesthetics, the company aims to build brand awareness and increase foot traffic through creative marketing strategies. One such strategy is to use digital signages. The company has widely accepted digital transformation, and they hope the move will give the brand the result they yearn for.

The Solution

After opening their first flagship store in Bonifacio Global City, they wanted a retail typology that reflected their particular brand identity. The company wanted to give customers the feeling of summer all year long by incorporating aspects from Brazil and the Philippines. The 150-square-meter BGC store is a tribute to the brand’s home country, which has welcomed and fostered it for 16 years. They intended to use a digital solution to accentuate this feeling and get the most out of it.

With the aforementioned challenges, they partnered with Mediacast Digital Group Inc. to assist them. Havaianas implemented the recommendation of Mediacast Digital Group Inc. to install an LED wall inside the store. The store’s hues attract attention in Bonifacio High Street thanks to a gigantic 3-meter by 3-meter P3.9 Indoor LED Wall. As a result, it showed materials that ornamented the store and complemented its concept. High-quality LED components deliver superb brightness, contrast, and color reproduction.

Indoor LED Inside Havaianas' Store in BGC

Customers flooded the establishment throughout the day shortly after it was installed, increasing foot traffic. In fact, passers-by were drawn in by the LED’s creative presentation and became prospective customers. The goal is to develop a unique and innovative approach to promoting their products. For example, they used the LED wall to show where and how the company created a particular pair of slippers. The team that worked on the store was grateful for the opportunity provided by Mediacast Digital Group Inc. Furthermore, the staff praised the Indoor LED wall for its ability to display compelling materials to interact with. Mediacast Digital Group Inc.’s digital signage reflects Havaianas’ philosophy of providing valuable but straightforward options.

The Benefit

The use of LED walls grabs customers’ attention in the business without a doubt. This means they’ll increase foot traffic in the store, increasing their odds of making sales on any given day. Furthermore, this unique retail experience may pique the interest of new and prospective customers. Additionally, it may leave a lasting impression on them. Therefore, the next time they need a pair of flip-flops, Havaianas Philippines will be at the top of their shopping list.

Indoor LED Inside Havaianas' Store in BGC 2

Using the correct graphics on the LED wall, Havaianas Philippines also conveyed a powerful and consistent brand image in their shop area. Digital signage is ideal for integrating and exhibiting their brand image. They can use it to demonstrate their products, play a looping corporate ad, or build a branded interactive experience


Various businesses seek a way to stand out in a crowded marketplace. They do this by attempting something risky, such as a marketing approach that might help them increase sales. This is an excellent example of how digital signage can be used to artistically and graphically market things so that people can appreciate them more fully.

Havaianas is fully invested in what was at the time a novel marketing tool. Moreover, Havaianas is a brand that takes advantage of unorthodox marketing strategies to sustain its development. The company has opened its doors to digital transformation in the previous decade, intending to explore its possibilities. Aside from their distinctive branding, they have used compelling techniques to stand out in the market, which has been the secret to their success.

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