The Philippine Science High School

Immersive interaction provided by an Outdoor LED Wall to enthrall learners and bring the Philippine Science High School's goal of offering high-quality education to life.
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The Philippine Science High School

Project Background and Description

The Philippine Science High School is a research-oriented and specialized public high school system managed as an associated agency by the Philippine Department of Science and Technology. Due to its willingness to adjust its operations, this for-Filipino school system consistently pushes innovation and technology in its curriculum.

The campus has recently become one of the educational organizations in the country to adopt technological advancements in its campuses. The employment of new technologies is vital as advancements get more integrated into our lives. Digitization is one way the education industry is adjusting to the modern era. Today, technological development has swept through schools and society.

The Problem

Students and teachers are adjusting to meet the demands of an increasingly technological society. They are slowly becoming digital natives who have changed to instant access to high-resolution visual information. Additionally, schools are increasingly relying on technology to deliver high-quality education, enhance learning, and engage with tech-savvy students. Therefore, digital solutions play a crucial part in it. There are quantities of applications with the evolution of digital signages that schools can leverage.

Identifying the need for innovations may be addressed via creativity and the use of appropriate equipment in their operations. Philippine Science High School realized it needed help to improve its present visual appeal to attract students and faculty. Moreover, they wanted to communicate effectively with students and deliver swift school notices or announcements.

The Solution

One of the Philippines’ first science high schools turns to digital displays to innovate their operations. In 2018, the Philippine Science High School-Main Campus employed an Outdoor LED Wall for the first time. The administration, however, opted to erect a fresh new LED wall alongside the gate to make it more noticeable because of its location and antiquity. They’ve also used digital signage, such as outdoor kiosks, to present the institution as a technological pioneer.

The Philippine Science High School System’s Office of the Executive Director held a bidding process to find suppliers for LED walls. Opportunely, the project is awarded to Mediacast Digital Group Inc. A 1.92-meter by 3.2-meter Outdoor LED Wall was placed at the main entrance gate by the company. PSHS’s digital signage needs are supplied by Mediacast Digital Group Inc.

School logo and a greeting through outdoor led.

The digital signages provide updates and reminders to students and personnel. From a student’s perspective, the sign is a navigational tool that helps them locate resources, events, and teachers. Meanwhile, from a faculty or staff’s perspective, it’s a path to connect with students and increase educational opportunities for them. Hence, relevant visual information is delivered on high-quality display at the forefront of the campus.

The Benefit

Modern technology has a significant influence in the education industry. The same is said for school operations, as well as their overall progress towards innovation and organizational methods. The industry has progressed, despite the difficulty in believing it became a barren of technology. Digitization, on the other hand, plays a significant part in upgrading the school system. Adding different digital signages in the school is a homage to progress. At each implementation stage, PSHS saw the benefits of these technologies to their operations as a whole.

School greetings.

By embracing the digital world, the educational institution has evolved into a better learning environment that goes out to a bigger population. The LED Wall’s strategic placement makes it easier for the administration to communicate information to the correct audience. Certainly, the Philippine Science High School improves visitors’ first impressions, which results in an approval from students, and other school personnel. Furthermore, when students or employees see their achievements shown publicly, it enhances their self-esteem and morale.


Digital transformation is a new emerging trend lurking in the shadows. It gains a faster momentum than ever. Furthermore, the rising of digital projects will help revolutionize the market in the future. The use of current technologies by the education industry will surely result in a cultural transformation in its operations. Technology-driven changes at the school level and globalization are fueling the boom in more open and progressive learning.

Philippine Science High School is a top-performer in the country. It embarks on the possibility of improving the institution through technology. Therefore, It is fair to say that innovative solutions like this distinguish PSHS as a pioneer in its industry. The institution is sets the pace for other schools to follow. It is only a matter of time until it becomes a part of the industry’s culture.

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