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A look through the lens of the entrancing video walls of The Velaris Residences by RHK Land Corporation complimenting the establishment’s esteemed sophistication.
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Project Background and Description

As local and foreign developers invest in the Philippines, competition in the real estate market rises. The RHK Land Corporation has entered the market, bringing world-class grandeur and design while keeping the Filipino home expertise. The Velaris Residence is the result of this fusion. This exceptional first feat of the company is a market challenger. Two powerhouses in the local and foreign real estate scenes maintained this project: Hong Kong Land and Robinsons Land Corporation. Together, they gave the Philippine market creative infrastructures powered by modern digital technology.

Excellence, integrity, and partnership form the groundwork of Hong Kong Land’s success in the real estate industry. The company’s excellence in its craft ensures high-quality performance. Integrity wins the company the people’s trust, allowing it to continue its work. Furthermore, the partnership pushes Hong Kong Land into the future through established relations for its long-term success. Combined with automated processes, these three bring to life the urbanization pictured by Hong Kong Land. Their integration pushes the company to innovate more in the real estate sector.

On the other hand, Robinsons Land Corporation prides itself on its real estate knowledge that spans over a decade. The company’s projects range from different industries. It has built its name through its many works that show the great quality of Filipino engineering and architecture. Robinsons Land Corporation stays bold with its plans, paired with industrial machinery as an advocate of innovation. Through these, the company can bring the country towards a digitally-advanced society one building at a time.

The Problem

The Velaris Residences set the standard for the rest of RHK Land Corporation’s developments. As its first success, the company aimed for the property to be a model and a leader for digital intervention in real estate. Other condominiums use pictures, catalogs, and dioramas as models for their facilities. Agents use these to tickle the market’s interest until it leads to property purchase. However, the management knew that these were not enough. For the Velaris Residences to shine in the market, RHK Land Corporation knew it had to do more.

RHK Land Corporation already has many rivals in the real estate space. Ortigas City, where the Velaris Residences is, is one of the Philippines’ central business districts. Thus, it is not a surprise that urbanization is very high in the area. Workers coming from different parts of the country and the world abound. These people come from various backgrounds that mold their lifestyles. Moreover, they are on the search for a home that meets their standards of living.

Given its esteem, the city’s people are savvy and attuned to the sound of sophistication. The Velaris Residences needed to be in sync with them. They knew that promoting the property through paper and flyers is not enough. Thus, creating the company’s strategy based on their high lifestyles was deemed necessary. It was clear that more had to be done by RHK Land Corporation.

The Solution

The Velaris Residences is not the only residential choice in Ortigas. Consequently, the business is well aware of the fierce rivalry that exists in the area. RHK Land Corporation did not settle to display the amenities and units of its establishment traditionally. The company chose to integrate digitization into its marketing strategy to get more customers. Thus, it put proper digital signages in place for this.

RHK Land Showroom with Video Wall

Mediacast Digital Group Inc. led the implementation. The plan aimed to give potential clients a realistic view of what the Velaris Residences had to sell them. It consisted of a 3×3 (9 units) video wall installed in the condominium’s showroom. As a result, interested individuals engaged with the agents more because they got a better picture of the prospect presented to them. Furthermore, they pictured their lives as the condominium’s residents.

But these digital solutions did not stop here. RHK Land Corporation also used these video walls for client presentations and events, making people more intent to listen. It just goes to show how versatile this digital signage is.

The Benefit

With the placement of the video walls, RHK Land Corporation’s sale of units for the Velaris residences rose. It was due to the striking display of the features and units of the condominium. The installed video walls helped this process. Aside from its top-notch color display, the panels’ narrow bezels showed a wide presentation view. It allowed potential buyers to see the screen’s display even with their position or angle of sight from the video wall. Also, the panels optimized the viewing capacity and client interest in the property.

RHK Land Showroom with Video Wall 2

The video walls are equipped with LAN daisy chains that synchronize content on each monitor, creating a bigger display image. Additionally, changes or updates to the screen became easier because of this. The video wall panels perfectly suited the showroom’s office hours as they run consistently for 24 hours a day without having any system problems. Hence, their implementation in the Velaris Residences’ showroom proves the strength of the equipment. Mediacast Digital Group sustained them without RHK Land Corporation having any issue during the duration of the project.


RHK Land Corporation’s choice to put video walls in the Velaris Residences’ showrooms proved helpful for its growth. Aside from the increase in buyers, the brand image also improved. Thus, the company rose in its rank as one of the country’s best real estate establishments. This immediate success, paired with the reputation of its parent companies, showed rivals shouldn’t ignore RHK Land Corporation’s presence in the market.

RHK Land Corporation made a statement and proved its worth with its first product in the real estate market. It is especially true for the technological society of a highly urbanized city like Ortigas. Hong Kong Land and Robinsons Land Corporation will surely keep on track of RHK Land Corporation for its following projects. Indeed, the Velaris Residences is proof of the company’s creativity, strength, and digital intelligence.

Source: https://thevelarisresidences.com/

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