The Andoks Corporation

Bringing Menu into Life: Andoks Corporation real-time and tremendous menu board through CAYIN digital signage player and Panasonic Large Format Displays.
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The Andoks Corporation

Project Background and Description

Andoks Corporation is well-known for its delicious and famous “Litson Manok”, which also fits every Filipino’s taste buds. They have expanded from a single corner stall in Quezon City to hundreds of take-out and dine-in locations nationwide. Its perseverance to grow and successfully led it to diversify and offer other equally delectable iconic meals. Consistently, Andoks Corporation provides excellent quality products and delivers outstanding services by enhancing their marketing strategies while improving their overall productivity.

Andoks Corporation is constantly augmenting its performance and store design in response to customer feedback. The company creates marketing plans for its outlet locations to implement effective and credible production that meets customer expectations. Through that, it gives its loyal customers a pleasant and memorable experience while enjoying its signature foods. Moreover, Andoks Corporation explores new avenues to maximize and expand its operational efficiency. As a result, they made their switch from traditional menu boards to digital displays that are more suitable and convenient to the company.

The Problem

The rapid technological advancement has resulted in the digitization of menu boards, particularly in the food industry. It also created plenty of new opportunities that increased business productivity. Mr. Leonardo “Sandy” Javier Jr., Andoks Corporation owner, stated that the “success of the brand would hinge on constant innovation and savvy marketing”. Andoks then realized that it was more than the product’s taste and excellent quality as various companies transitioned to digital. Thus, it recognized the opportunity to design more aesthetically appealing food presentations and optimize its menu boards to increase brand exposure.

The belief that innovation and marketing are the game’s name pushes Andoks to start a venture in digitizing its menu board. This made the company gradually incorporate technological advancement into its existing outlets and store visibility strategies. In addition, Andoks customer service and engagement values drive their desire for effective menu management. It motivated them to seek a solution that will allow them to manage their menus more efficiently in their dine-in locations. One way to do this is to install digital signages to pave the way to innovation and streamlined operations.

The Solution

Way back in 2018, Mediacast Digital Group Inc. installed its product in the Andoks branch in Circuit, Makati. As a result of this collaboration, digital menu boards have been implemented at other branches afterward. Andoks steady integration of this technology in their dine-in stores improved and modernized the company’s overall operation.

Mediacast Digital Group installed a CAYIN digital signage player and 43” Panasonic Large Format Displays in four of its branches. Its 1080p resolution provided a seamless experience for Andoks Menu Board, displaying images and video presentations in Full HD. Moreover, its scheduling feature and playback option helped Andoks easily organize and manage its visual appearance, video ad, and scheduled display. Therefore, it allowed Andoks Corporation to attract customers’ attention, enticing them to try the cuisine shown on the digital menu board.

The Benefit

CAYIN digital signage player and Panasonic Display enabled Andoks to have a formidable menu presentation. It generated a real-time display that increased its brand recognition. The creative display it showcased helped customers quickly identify Andoks latest offering. This also helped establish customer retention, which further influenced customer buying decisions. Moreover, CAYIN’s unique dual video outputs feature allowed Andoks to display identical content on two screens, giving their customers a clearer view of the menus. As a result, the menu is more visible from the customer’s point of view.

Andok's digital menu board.

Moreover, Andoks Corporation maintained consistent product management through intelligent and intuitive scheduling features of digital signages. It enabled the company to organize the menu with their most recent products. Furthermore, CAYIN’s profound remote control prompted Andoks to customize its display, allowing them to meet the customers’ demands. This essentially allowed Andoks to manage its menu in response to consumer feedback. As a result, they were able to emphasize the quality of their products while delivering excellent service in their dine-in stores.


Andoks Corporation has successfully made another mark that increased Filipinos’ continuous patronization and love for their products. Its tenacity and beliefs propelled them to prominence, putting it on par with major fast-food chains. Undoubtedly, through Andoks digital menu board, its dine-in outlets have become more refined and visually appealing to its beloved customers. Thus, it made an impact and gave the impression that Andoks company cares about development and advancement.

Its manifestation of love and passion through diversifying its business into digitization proved its willingness to go beyond. This supported Andoks efforts to increase brand awareness while remaining consistent in its endeavors to elevate the brand’s image. Furthermore, Andoks menu board’s high-resolution display gave customers a better view of its product line. All of this emphasized Andoks’ values and respected the insights of their valued customers. It is, indeed, living proof of Andoks perseverance for growth as they pave the path toward digital innovation.


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