The Philippine National Police

Digital advancement innovated the surveillance operations of the Philippine National Police Pro-4A using video walls.
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The Philippine National Police

Project Background and Description

The Philippine National Police is the primary law enforcement agency of the Philippines. The PNP is responsible for maintaining law and order, protecting the country’s people and property, ensuring public safety, and providing assistance in the event of national calamities and disasters. It was founded on March 25, 1901, and the police force has ensured that they have carried out their sworn duties ever since.

For PNP, surveillance is crucial in ensuring peace and order. They need to see and monitor everything that happens to every part of the city. Moreover, they need an instrument that will give them real-time information, allowing them to act and respond as needed. Additionally, our police force wants to fully utilize the potential of the digital era. Integrating it into one of its major systems will provide better service to the people.

The Problem

One of the challenges of the PNP Pro-4A is that they mostly rely on CCTV records whenever they gather information. The scope of the CCTV is limited only to where it is facing. Moreover, the surveillance was not optimal since they were using older models for monitoring.

In Calamba, Laguna, the Philippine National Police Pro-4A opened a new Command Center. They wanted an office with the most up-to-date digital equipment to readily monitor all police operations. PNP Pro-4A needed a platform that could provide more precise records of all the activities of their on-ground personnel. Every police officer must follow standard operating protocols since a lawful operation necessitates official verification.

The Solution

The Philippine National Police Pro-4A has transitioned from manual monitoring to totally remote tracking of all their on-ground actions since implementing our products. Mediacast Digital Group Inc. answered their needs by deploying a 3×3 9-panel 55″ Samsung Video Wall to their new office. The product features an ultra-bright LED/LCD that exhibits a vivid picture from any angle. Furthermore, it has an anti-glare screen for enhanced viewing. Therefore, providing them with a long-term answer to their dilemma of manually monitoring their activities.

The video wall is sturdy, allowing it to withstand long hours of video feed. Hence, the video wall is dependable in channeling information 24/7. Its cutting-edge technology ensures precise transmission of activities no matter where the police are. This partnership marks the start of the Philippine National Police Pro-4A’s better servitude to its community.

Video Walls Used for Surveillance Operations

The video wall provided them with live transmissions that acted as eyes and ears for their personnel. Installing the video wall allowed the headquarters to monitor all on-ground operations of their personnel. The PNP Pro-4A now has a better awareness of what is happening to their community. Tasks like crime monitoring and law enforcement are much more accessible. If situations arise from any part of the city, they can quickly pinpoint which location and respond accordingly.

The Benefit

The Philippine National Police Pro-4A now has access to the most up-to-date digital platform. This decision resulted in making their day-to-day operations easier to handle. The video wall provided improved visibility for PNP-Pro4A in monitoring and patrolling certain areas within their jurisdiction. Communities now have an assurance of safety, knowing that the police can respond much quicker should situations arise.

The addition of video walls to their headquarters offered them the ability to help police officers in a variety of ways. It will also greatly help with the Philippine National Police’s Patrol Plan 2030. The plan aims to improve police operations, strategic planning, public information, and performance development. Furthermore, the video wall has assisted in the proper placement of personnel to monitor and operate different areas in the city. For the same reason, this allowed more personnel to focus on even more critical designations, thus lowering the risk of crimes.


Because of their goal to better serve the community, the Philippine National Police Pro-4A has smartly integrated its operations through digitization. It proves how willing they are to take significant risks to fulfill their motto, “To serve and protect .” For whatever reason, the decision to embrace digital trends led the institution to formulate and innovate better ways of serving the community.

The Philippine National Police is undoubtedly one of those institutions that benefit significantly from embracing digital integrations. Since they have opened their doors to digital transformation, millions of possibilities also await the Philippine National Police in enforcing the law and keeping communities safe.

Retrieved from: https://pnp.gov.ph/pnp-patrol-plan-2030

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