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3D Holographic Fan Display

3D Holographic Fan Display

Product Features
  • Easy maintenance
  • Hassle-free content management
  • SD card slot for promotional changes
  • Wi-Fi connection-supported
  • Lightweight and portable

Product Details

Competition makes businesses find ways that will tick consumers’ interest. The 3D Holographic Fan Display will advertise unconventionally and amp the business’ competitive advantage.

As brand recognition rises, innovative advertising becomes vital to break through the status quo. This LED display soon drew the attention of the market. As a result, everything is possible with the 3D Holographic Display.

Store Display Using 3D Holograms

3D Holograms open a new platform for businesses to create a unique and unconventional way of promoting their business.

What makes it 3D?

The 3D Holographic Fan Display comprises tiny, high-resolution LED bulbs for clear visual presentations as an advanced technology for artistic and digitized advertising. It has two projector options: 2-blades or 4-blades, rotating like a fan to create a 3D image effect. This digital signage is an out-of-the-ordinary tool as it displays collaterals that are sure to catch the attention of every consumer. 

The holographic display assures its users that their collaterals will be vibrant with the blades’ precise colors. In addition, it helps the users to catch audiences’ attention effectively. Thus, it guarantees the visuals’ clarity and superiority. 

Your Business and the 3D Holographic Fan Display

3D Holographic Fan Display is a fun way to present businesses with compelling products, media, and logos. It is due to the 3D illusion created by the spinning blades. This projection happens as they project the visuals onto the black space and hue it with animated lights.

The unconventional presentation of this LED display is so unparalleled with today’s norms in advertising. Due to its versatility, businesses can practically use it in any retail and entertainment space. More consumers’ attention can be captivated and engaged with the company in any event. Thus, improving their standing in the market will improve sales performance. 

The process of changing content is through remote management in cloud-based software. Also, the presentation of content is seamless. As a result, changes in the collaterals presented are hassle-free for the user. 

Some establishments that may use this LED display for their benefit are retail stores, hotels, casinos, restaurants, and offices.

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