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CAYIN Digital Signage Player

CAYIN Digital Signage Player

Product Features
  • Support 4K HDMI video, YouTube Video, Flash®, HTML5, CSS3, social media, etc.
  • Equipped with multiple video outputs for multi-screen control
  • Centralized scheduling functions
  • User-defined schedules
  • Built-in firewall and dual LAN ports

Product Details

CAYIN Digital Signage player is a reliable and cost-effective solution for digital signages. This compact player is simple to set up, deploy, and use. The flexible template design interface lets users to arrange or choose skin layout, making it easier to customize according to their liking.

Annual licenses are not necessary, and third-party content delivery networks are no longer required. In addition, managing content from one location is more accessible as it ensures a smooth playback across every screen in the establishment. 

Use digital signage to its full potential and send the right message at the right time with the CAYIN Digital Signage player. Consequently, this reliable player can schedule the materials ahead of time. It offers variable task scheduling on a once-a-day, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

CAYIN Digital Signage Player is uncomplicated to integrate and expand, making it more adaptable and reliable. Equipped with HDMI outputs for three displays, its systematic process is the key to helping you consolidate your digital signage and streamline your content display.

Digital Presentation In The Lobby Using Cayin

Flashing your advertisement in the lobby gives people a better picture about what the place can offer.

CAYIN Digital Signage Player: The Versatile Content Manager

This Linux-based player enables system integrators, digital content makers, and other enterprises to meet their specific application needs. Additionally, this safe OS is meant to eliminate the possibility of malware or security breaches.

CAYIN’s solutions are ideal for any setting, whether on a dedicated server or in the public cloud, due to their flexibility and scalability. This is a powerful solution to easily change the content through mobile or PC access.

This digital signage player is easy to move between environments and activate the backup server mechanism. Furthermore, this is suitable for businesses that rely on digital displays to provide up-to-date materials. Thus, it is reliable for seamless content management.

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