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Mobile LED Truck

Mobile LED Truck

Product Features
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Outdoor LED wall is available in different pixel pitches
  • High refresh rate for LED's superior image and video quality
  • Equipped with brightness sensor for different lighting environment
  • Different IP protection degrees for various weather conditions

Product Details

The traditional way of advertisement is congested for brands to stand out. However, customizable Mobile LED Truck revolutionized the way companies do the hype. Consequently, this moving billboard is the new method of showcasing business in digital out-of-home advertising.

Mobile LED Truck helps connect with more audiences that online publicity media may not have reached to promote and inform. It imposes the business’ branding creatively and flexibly. As a result, it gives the company or organization a competitive advantage in the digital wave.

Shift to the new way of advertising with this cost-effective solution that brings brands closer to customers. Consequently, repeatedly printing materials are reduced as it quickly changes and controls displays from the LED panels. In addition, the compelling graphics catch the attention of the broader audience.

Mobile LED Truck Simulation

Mobile LED Truck, whether parked or moving continuously gives a great display of your advertisement.

Move Ahead of Digital Advertising with Mobile LED Truck

The mobility of Customizable Mobile LED Truck strategically garners more engagement for people to remember any information shared by the business in a wider demographic and maximum exposure the faster way.

Content can be remotely accessed with special software and cable or wireless connection. The truck is equipped with a generator for steady electricity that powers the LED panels. In addition, it can be installed with an audio system for maximum serviceability. Each component is made with commercial-grade materials designed to last long.

Mobile LED Truck in Cagayan Provincial Capitol

Mobile LED Truck, whether parked or moving continuously gives a great display of your advertisement.

The unusual and elegant design of this truck features picturesque media displays and sound systems that can effectively draw the attention of a large number of people. Furthermore, this fantastic publicity effect can aid most businesses in big and small cities.

Customizable Mobile LED Truck is worthwhile in different applications such as food trucks, events, broadcasts, brand activations, personal publicity demands, advertisement, and information-sharing.

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