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Digital Table-Top Display

Digital Table-Top Display

Product Features
  • Android version
  • Plug and play feature
  • Supports Multi-Media Content
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • USB, HDMI, SD Card, and Ethernet Ports

Product Details

Digital Table-Top Digital Displaygives customers a unique and exciting visual experience through its 1080p HD Screen Display, capacitive touchscreen capability, and seamless display orientations. Use every space in the establishment and make them customer touchpoints. This digital signage is an excellent choice for businesses and brands who want to promote their marketing messages creatively. 

The Table-Top Display’s modern features let people be engaged; it has a rotating screen available in portrait or landscape orientation, a built-in speaker, and an interactive display. This LCD digital advertising device, equipped with a media player, may exhibit a range of collaterals to reinforce marketing messages. 

Simulation Above The Counter

Digital Table-Top Display makes transactions and promotions a lot easier.

Digital Table-Top Display: Multimedia Countertop For your Business

As people become more inclined to technology, shifting digital is an excellent move for businesses. So, this powerful solution makes it easier for companies to communicate and keep them engaged. Moreover, the human-machine interface improves customer service through quick responses and flexible touch. 

The counter-top hardware was designed with industrial and commercial uses in mind. In addition, it’s an ideal digital signage option for modest spots with a strong emphasis on aesthetics. Consequently, it has the same features like larger screens but can be placed almost anywhere, even in tight spaces.

The working atmosphere is bright and pleasant, thanks to an interactive process between the user and the display via touch panels. This table-top kiosk is a great way to keep your business running smoothly by automating check-in, food ordering, and survey activities, to name a few.

Digital Table-Top Display is extremely lightweight and portable for hotels, restaurants, offices, clinics, and other businesses looking to upgrade their operations and implement new marketing and advertising strategies.

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