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Flexible Curve LED Wall

Flexible Curve LED Wall

Product Features
  • Various pixel pitch
  • A comprehensive range of panel sizes
  • High refresh rate for smooth playback
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation

Product Details

The Flexible Curve LED Wall is a more often used LED soft screen for creating cylindrical, curve, and wave designs. Unleash ideas creatively and innovatively through a distinctive, versatile, and modern digital display with soft PCB and silicone shell for a convex or concave installation. 

Thanks to Flexible LED’s vibrant color and superb contrast, it brings content to life through design flexibility, giving it a powerful presence as a work of art. High visibility on dark or bright outdoor lighting conditions coupled with a wide viewing angle makes it a reliable advertising tool.

These LED displays are constructed from industrial-grade components and different IP protection degrees for suitable various weather conditions. As a result, these LED panels can run for days, even in harsh conditions.

Mall Advertisements

Advertisements are used to promote the products or services of the company.

Flexible Curve LED Wall: Unconventional Curvature Display

Curved LED panels provide several advantages, including creating a sense of depth and adaptability to various installations. It requires simple installation and operation with its fast locks and easy plugs. Also, the circuit boards in flexible LED walls are lighter, smaller, and more malleable.

The cabinet size is outstandingly smaller, making it very lightweight. In addition, the panels can have minimal wiring connectivity without jeopardizing functionalities. Thus, less wiring implies less power consumption.

Above all, it uniquely exhibits content with Flexible Curve LED Wall. With a versatile and modern display like this, businesses will indeed have the freedom to showcase their products or services in whatever size, shape, or form they prefer. In addition, the panels are remotely accessible with special software and cable or wireless connection for seamless collateral display.

Subsequently, conference halls, shopping malls, offices, media and television stations, hotels, and retail stores are among the industries that use this reliable digital signage solution.

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