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Interactive Board

Interactive Board

Product Features
  • Wireless screen-sharing
  • Integrated speakers
  • Internet connectivity
  • Clear 4k resolution
  • Available in Windows or Android OS

Product Details

The Interactive Board has taken over the corporate and educational worlds. For smart meetings and learning, this has shown to be a reliable tool.

The best part with integrating technology like this is it takes standard meetings into an interactive experience. Additionally, data sharing is possible through the cloud-based software integrated into the board. Thus, modernize presentations with this digital board that makes learning and meeting sessions more engaging.

Conference Room Simulation 2

Interactive Board aids in providing better presentation platform for meetings and conferences.

Interactive Board: All-in-One Collaboration Solution

The interactive board functions as a monitor and an input device, allowing any application simply by touching it. In simpler terms, it works as a system that works as a PC and a projector.

It can share messages, present information, and engage in collaborative brainstorming by digitizing tasks and operations. Consequently, this powerful tool, designed for multi-purpose intuitive presentation and applications, provides a platform for flexible digital integration.

Classroom Application

This smart solution is the modern version of the traditional board. Additionally, it is utilized in a wide range of classroom and educational settings to boost productivity, interaction, and cooperation.

Touch interfaces allow users to interact directly with displays and presentations. Also, they can have endless information resources through the board’s internet connectivity capability. It also allows users to record the session to be viewed later. Indeed, it promotes a transformative learning experience for educators and their students.

Corporate Application

Technology predominantly changes the corporate setting. Thus, this digital tool has become increasingly popular as it gauges businesses to their full potential. The interactive board may be freestanding or mounted on the wall. In any case, they come with special features that completely revolutionize staff meetings or presentations.

Conference Room Simulation

The use of an interactive board can help to improve the presentation platform for meetings and conferences.

Users can plug up to 5 devices into the board to access it, which will give meetings a more collaborative feel. Moreover, files may be quickly shared, viewed, modified, and stored. Also, it can efficiently share the screen with remote participants. Thus, interconnectivity and data-sharing are seamless and practical. 

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