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LED Ticker

LED Ticker

Product Features
  • Customizable design
  • Anti-light pollution
  • Simple to set up
  • Screen deflects glare from external sources of light
  • Real-time operation for information updates

Product Details

Narrow corners and spaces do not have to be plain. So, the LED Ticker is here to lighten up even the most minor and most complicated areas. This digital signage has a high-resolution display so viewers can see collaterals from afar. In addition, the design is sturdy enough to hold the it in its position for high reliability and long-term stability.

The LED ticker has a display that comes in a long-strip design. Due to its flexibility, placing this digital signage anywhere strategic in the establishment is easy, whether indoor or outdoor. With its high-resolution panels, the LED ticker guarantees visibility even from the farthest end of the room. Also, the color precision takes it one step further as it enhances visual clarity.

LED Ticker Used in Two Different Ways

LED Tickers allow businesses to customize their own design. The product is also easy to use even by people with little knowledge about setting up digital signages.

Red Dotted

The red dotted ticker is a basic LED ticker that features scrolling text or graphics in dotted form. Moreover, this is designed to announce, greet, or share information. But think not of underestimating it. Its brightness level is striking enough to catch all passersby’s attention.

Full Color

Embellish business’ establishment with the full-color ticker. This digital signage proudly sets itself apart from conventional and static advertising. Its primary function is to display content in full color for branding or advertising, information sharing, or greeting.

LED Ticker: Space Fitting Design for Effective Advertising 

As unique as the LED ticker may seem, there are limitless institutions where it is usable. For instance, this equipment is functional in the stock exchange and financial institutions, halls, conference rooms, museums, gymnasiums, bars, and storefronts.

The ticker aids establishments to inform and raise awareness. So, customers learn about promotions and information they deem valuable for clients. Most importantly, it is a cost-efficient solution for energy consumption.

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