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LED Poster

LED Poster

Product Features
  • Built-in speaker audio
  • Slim portrait design suitable for narrow spaces
  • Aluminum steel frame and bracket
  • Has an Acrylic Protective Cover on the front surface
  • Mobile app navigation or Windows-based software

Product Details

Premiere LED Posterlets your spaces come alive through engaging content and customized displays. Moreover, this is the modern take on a traditional printed banner.

Make the most out of areas with an effortless, powerful, and cost-effective solution that meets your display needs. This digital signage has a multi-installation method according to your preference that is flexible and easy to operate, thanks to its plug-and-play feature.

LED Poster Simulation

LED Posters offer a modern and digital way of promoting your business.

The perfect splicing of a large LED display screen is attainable through portrait graphics on its entire screen. Furthermore, users should project content in a vertical rectangular shape to leverage the functionality of this LED display. As a result, Premiere LED Poster lets you use a sleek yet large visualization surface to display rich content. 

Museum and Lobby Simulation

LED Posters gives a better platform for acquiring directions or information.

Premiere LED Poster: Modernized Digital Banner

LED Poster is a portable, lightweight, and dynamic alternative that replaces traditional print banners, posters, and backlit signages. In addition, this is an environmental and budget-friendly answer to cut costs from printed materials.

Create the best advertisements that are genuinely classic yet modernized in any way. Imagination is the limit! The Premiere LED Poster can instantly draw people’s attention because of its graceful looks with a sense of technology. What’s more, multiple screens can be connected to produce one big seamless display.

Digital Poster by Amazon

LED Posters are great help in making promotions and campaigns about the company.

Users can place the LED Poster anywhere and any way they want. Also, it provides sophistication to the interior and lets the brand speak itself to the guests. For that reason, it’s difficult not to admire the presentation, which is both classic and straightforward.

Consequently, this LED display is suitable for events, window or reception displays, hallway displays, exhibition banners, and showrooms.

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