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LED Wall Curtain

LED Wall Curtain

Product Features
  • Various pixel pitch
  • A comprehensive range of panel sizes
  • Ultralight and easy to install
  • Slim Cabinet, Hanging Installation Options
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation

Product Details

The Premiere LED Wall Curtain is a beautiful LED lighting display for glass windows and facades. As a result, it elevates the content using this cost-effective option for businesses. Thanks to remote access through appropriate software and a cable or wireless connection, collaterals may be readily added to the panels.

It provides a modern take to traditional LED panels and backlit signages. In addition, this digital display is a perfect solution to turn your ideas into engaging content through optimized and customized exposition.

Digital Promotion of Two Different Stores

LED Wall Curtain allows a bright and clear display of ads with its flexible structure.

Premiere LED Wall Curtain: Decorative LED Illumination For Façade

The LED panel’s technology allows light to travel through the installation without sacrificing picture clarity or transparency. Glass curtain walls are a standard architectural enhancement method in modern commercial buildings and retail businesses. As a result, using Premiere LED Wall Curtain to create a dynamic display landscape is a grand idea.

To further explain, the excellent integration with the LED wall curtain does not affect the structure’s appearance. Light from behind the glass can still pass through the high refresh rate and transparency for superior picture quality. In addition, LED lighting adjustability is suitable for day and night. Hence, it does not affect the content from the LED panel and the view from the inside, which adds a sophisticated touch to the design as a whole.

Using a curtain screen also significantly reduces electricity consumption. Furthermore, the LED components are highly adaptable and efficient, suitable for extreme weather conditions. Its materials are 24/7 commercial grade that is exceptionally durable, and is designed to last. This digital signage is available in different IP protection degrees suitable for various weather conditions. Thus, LED Curtain is an energy-saving and environmentally sustainable digital display for businesses.

LED Curtain creates a significant façade view in shopping malls, offices, commercial spaces, hotels, restaurants, transportation terminals, and media stations.

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