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Ultra-Stretched Monitors

Ultra-Stretched Monitors

Product Features
  • A comprehensive range of panel sizes
  • Tailor-made sizes according to business needs
  • Narrow space-fitting screen
  • Slim and narrow bezels
  • Available in landscape or portrait installations

Product Details

Ultra-Stretched Monitors, often known as bar displays, come in a variety of sizes, brightness levels, and configuration options. Additionally, it has an ultra-wide, high-definition viewing angle with magnificent visuals stretching from edge to edge. Therefore, the product provides astonishingly sharp images with vibrant colors. 

This LCD screen can bring a fresh perspective into any unoccupied or empty space where typical digital signage would be ineffective. Whether indoor or semi-outdoor, this is resilient to high temperatures and dust particles.

Ultra-Stretched Monitor boosts the area’s physical appearance and attracts potential consumers as the monitors bring a certain classy vibe for branding. These present freely with a distinctive versatile display capable of delivering information, advertisements, and branding.

Extraordinary HD with Ultra-Stretched Monitors

Dedicated to fulfilling the demands of the most constrained digital signage locations, these monitors are long, slender, and narrow by design. The LCD panel allows clear visibility in high-ambient or low-light conditions regardless of its design. As a result, Ultra-Stretched Monitor is commonly used to creatively show information or ads for branding.

Thanks to its anti-glare glass or an anti-reflective screen, the content will look great in any setting. Thus, the display is sunlight readable. Its crisp and vivid color reproduction makes any content-rich and lively.

Multi content zones in one single display are possible through remote access with special software and cable, wireless connection, or plug and play. It also has a daisy chain feature for panoramic display on multiple screens. 

This modernized space-saving and energy-efficient panel is indeed a dependable gift of technology. Its components are 24/7 commercial-grade, reliable, and durable for any business needs. Consequently, supermarkets, retail stores, transportation stations, hotels, restaurants, gaming hubs, museums, and schools are among those who use this commercial display.

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