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VESTA Double-Sided Display

VESTA Double-Sided Display

Product Features
  • Double-sided display in an ultra-slim single panel
  • Plug and play feature
  • Built-In Speakers for audio functions
  • Schedule auto power on/off feature
  • Standing or Ceiling-hang installation options

Product Details

Is the classic getting boring? It’s time to get out of the box and showcase content like never before. Now, businesses can entertain and inform a wider audience with the Vesta Double-Sided Display.

Armed with a highly competitive and eye-catching design and process, this LED display has altered the digital display landscape. The Vesta Double-Sided Display grabs the attention of viewers with a two-way system, dual, and anti-glare screen. It can play two different contents at the same time so it hugely maximizes the display in the area with high-foot traffic. 

Tapping into a broader audience for promotions, campaigns, and advertisements is smooth and practical. The digital display’s precise color reproduction for high-definition picture quality provides vivid visibility even in high ambient light conditions. In addition, its components has 24/7 commercial grade which durable and reliable.

Airport Simulation

VESTA Double-Sided Display can carry two different contents allowing the business to save space.

Vesta Double-Sided Display: Double Impact Advertising

This VESTA screen has distinctive, versatile, and modern double panels. The wireless content management allows the smooth control of the content without affecting the current display on the screen. It can tap into a broader market for its dual display capacity that simultaneously exhibits the same or different content.

With two screens in tow, consumer awareness doubles as it benefits both big and small brands alike. It is doable whether they walk towards the display or either side of it.

This digital signage is cost-efficient and space-saving as businesses can use it in any hectic space or any area it is set up. Now, more consumers see and interact with any advertisement or information displayed, whether indoor or outdoor installed. 

Vesta Double-Sided Display is a very dynamic digital solution. Additionally, it is viable for banks, shopping malls, retail stores, hospitals, transportation terminals, QSRs, and public spaces.

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