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Video Wall Matrix Controller

Video Wall Matrix Controller

Product Features
  • 4K@Hz DP/HDMI input, 4K@30Hz HDMI output
  • Built-in audio switching with de-embedding
  • No CPU and operating system
  • Multi-user control management
  • Hardware structure, no virus interference

Product Details

Video Wall Matrix Controller is a device that transmits video from numerous sources to multiple display devices. Due to the expanding number of digital signage displays used in various businesses, this video controller is crucial in multiple media distribution applications. In addition, it has customizable input and output that is perfect for any display setup.

Using this device, a single picture may be scaled across the whole video wall, or users can spread several images across. This can be a mix of both in the case of Picture in Picture (PIP). Also, it allows pixel-to-pixel scaling, which flawlessly synchronizes resolution and rate. Thus, these controllers are beneficial when users need more power and flexibility from their digital display.

Video Wall Matrix Controller Screen Splicing

Video Wall Matrix Controller splicing the screens.

Video Wall Matrix Controller: Scaling Digital Displays with One Powerful Solution

Each input may be routed to any or all outputs, giving users many options for expanding setup while keeping video quality high. A video wall matrix controller divides content for dissemination across several displays from one or more inputs (sources), giving administrators complete control over the video wall’s settings and content. Consequently, it can display roaming, overlay, zoom in/out, multi-windowing, scene switch, PIP, full screen, and combination screen.

It also includes high-performance tools for both complex and straightforward applications. Not only that, but it supports 4k and HDR for dynamic or static content, which aids in showing vivid color reproduction for the display.

This player works with various display terminals such as LCD, LED, DLP, and projector. It has a scene management feature that sets up and creates customizable display layouts of 255 scenes. Made with 24/7 commercial-grade components, this is reliable and durable for long hours of operation.

Its digital function minimizes screen tearing and guarantees smooth video for fast-moving objects by synchronizing frame rates. As a result, magnificent tear-free video walls may be created, especially when fast-moving information appears on the screen.

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