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Video Wall

Video Wall

Product Features
  • Available in different monitor sizes (46", 49", 55", 65")
  • Different slim bezel options for your preference (1.8mm, 1.7mm, 3.5mm, 5.5mm)
  • Anti-glare screen for enhanced viewing
  • Has a variety of installation options
  • Available in different video wall brands

Product Details

The Video Wall is a digital signage display that meets the visual demands of modern businesses. The product features an ultra-bright LED/LCD panel that exhibits a vivid picture from any angle. Therefore, it’s simple to present dynamic and captivating content that will draw attention even in visually busy environments.

These digital signages are seamless multi-display monitors with LED/LCD panels tiled together to make a giant screen. Additionally, its revolutionary technology has high-definition screens, consistent brightness with crisp color reproduction, and larger picture formats. So, these can be assembled into multiple screens with improved gap reduction for maximum viewing capacity.

Digital Presentation in Hotel Lobby

Flashing your advertisement in the lobby gives people a better picture about what the place can offer.

Visual Superiority with Video Wall

Commercial video walls are very durable, so it is dependable to use 24/7. Furthermore, these monitors are a cutting-edge technology that ensures perfect graphics performance across the entire display. Consequently, this solution is easy to maintain, manage, and control.

The Video Wall is made with precise color reproduction for high-definition picture quality. As a result, it’s a great option for any company or group that wants to add a professional or aesthetic touch. The users have greater flexibility in design creations. Installation options can be unconventional for a more creative visual presentation.

RHK Land Corporation's Showroom 3

The addition of a video wall to the showroom gives it a more sophisticated and elegant feel.

Image processing power enables the flexibility to display various material forms in a single span across a big or distinctively designed video wall. Moreover, this processing can be done within the screens or through a separate piece of hardware.

A video wall is an immersive solution to have impactful advertising, promotions, and branding across any industry. Also, it can be eye-candy for receptions, lobbies, hallways, or conference rooms. Consequently, video walls are reliable for the command center and surveillance monitors, among other functionality.

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