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BER Months Are Finally Here!

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September 09, 2022

BER Months Are Finally Here!

Find out how LED walls can bring the best out of your BER months celebrations!

One day you wake up hearing a familiar voice. The music has some catchy jingling bell melodies to it. You instantly identified the song. You look at the calendar and see “September”. BER months have begun! 

September 1

Ah, it’s that time of the year again; the long holiday season has now started in our country. Christmas carols will be playing off everywhere. Red and green ornaments will fill up every place. And most of all, celebrations await us as we welcome this festive season. As we prepare for the upcoming events these BER months, it is time to make it up to the past two years of entirely celebrating online. Make your Halloween, Christmas parties, or any corporate events extra special by using the technology of LED walls as your digital display.

What is a LED wall?

A LED wall or a video wall is a digital display made up of Light Emitting Diodes. These little bulbs produce directional light sources to create striking visuals as a whole. 

We commonly see LED walls in those moving digital displays along highways or buildings. But they can also be used for events as backdrops or AVP players.

Video wall technology offers a lot of visual benefits not just for businesses but also for producing an advanced and thrilling event. As we come together and physically celebrate the events these BER months, make your event much grander by using LED walls:

How can LED displays upgrade your BER month event?

More creative and fun party! 

Who wouldn’t be in awe when you enter a venue with an immersive digital motion display adorning the center? These big and bright video walls bring a strong visual impact on your audiences compared to static banners or light projectors. 

LED walls are also conveniently customizable with any display you want to present. You can easily connect your laptop to the device and start showing anything you want on this huge HD-quality screen. It can be used as a backdrop for your event, interactive walls, a live video stream, or a screen for your loved ones from abroad who can only join online to make it feel like they are also physically there. Moreover, they also come in any form or size which means you can tailor-fit it depending on the scope you want. 

With LED walls, the ideas to impress your audiences are limitless. Hence, they will have an unforgettable time.

Adds a sense of belongingness to your guests

Having these big video walls directs the attention of your guests in one place. It gives you a more coordinated event, and most of all, makes them feel connected to the celebration. 

Additionally, displaying luminous and moving presentations gives the venue an exciting factor and adds lighting to the place. You will never have to worry if the guests are having a good time or still following the whole event program because these LED walls alone can keep the entertainment alive. 

Overall, LED walls can give you and your audience a wonderful time together 

Stepping up your event production by using LED walls will overall give you and your audience significant time to spend together. Taking the leap and using a device that will capture everyone’s attention can ease crowd control. Furthermore, the effortless content operation can give you a more organized flow of events. Subsequently, the convenience this display brings will allow you to have more time to enjoy your party and celebrate with all the guests.

Lastly, your audience will significantly remember your party! They will have the most fun and thrilling time with the innovative and advanced technology of the LED walls.

Wrapping up

The best part of the BER months is the more opportunities to spend time with our loved ones. Let us always make each celebration count by creating good experiences, because, in the end, all we are left with are those memories.   

Make great events with the premiere LED Walls of Mediacast Digital Group! Mediacast is the leading digital signage solution in the country. We offer high-quality products and services for your digital displays to produce the grandest party you are aiming for.

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