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Mediacast x PRA Indoor LED

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August 16, 2022

Mediacast x PRA Indoor LED Wall Sponsorship

Indoor LED Wall Sponsorship care of Mediacast at the 28th National Retail Conference and Stores Asia Expo 2022

Conferences are not just about the discussions and the opportunities to network. One big part that makes the event successful is the platform for the visuals. For a speaker to fully communicate his/her topics, it must be accompanied by cohesive presentations. Additionally, the event also needs a platform that can deliver high-resolution videos and images. In this article, you will know how Mediacast Digital Group met and exceeded the visual needs of the country’s top retailing association.

The Biggest Retail Conference in the Country

The Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) held its flagship program, the 28th National Retail Conference and Stores Asia Expo last August 11-12, 2022. The two-day event was attended by the country’s top retailers, suppliers, and developers to discuss the status quo. With the resumption of in-person meetings, the participants benefited from networking with other business executives and having topical and pertinent conversations. 

One way to complement such a top-caliber event is through the usage of an Indoor LED Wall. This will greatly give emphasis and clarity to the speakers’ presentations. Mediacast Digital Group takes pride in sponsoring the event’s enormous Indoor LED Wall. Unsurprisingly, the Indoor LED Wall instantly became the event’s centerpiece. The Indoor LED Wall is 3 meters tall and 12 meters wide, becoming clearer as people go farther the screen thanks to its pixel pitch of P3.9. Also, the Indoor LED Wall shone the brightest all throughout the event. With proper configuration, our team of tech experts ensured the Indoor LED Wall runs smoothly up until the last minute. 

Top-Quality Performance for a Top-Quality Event

Because of this, the speakers were able to deliver cohesive topics with a bright display. More importantly, this shows the competitiveness of the organization in delivering a top-of-the-class performance for its delegates. Apart from the conference, Mediacast also had the opportunity to exhibit its other products such as Kiosks, Digital Signage Players, Queueing Systems, 3D fans, and LED Posters at the Stores Asia Expo, wherein people got to see what the company offers. The booth was swarmed by people who are interested in the company’s products and services. Because of this, the exhibition helped Mediacast by bringing our brand closer to the right people.  

The Start of Many

Therefore, we would like to thank the Philippine Retailers Association for trusting Mediacast Digital Group in providing their digital signage needs. Additionally, this marks the first of many partnerships both PRA and Mediacast will have in the future. 

Want to elevate your event? Be sure to have an Indoor LED Wall that will cater to your needs and satisfy your audience. With the ever-changing competition, make sure to stay on top by getting equipped with the latest technology. Talk to us to learn more about digital signages. Click here to know more about our works!

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