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Outdoor LED Wall: Safety in

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July 05, 2022

Outdoor LED Wall: Safety in the Rainy Season

Get to know how to keep your Outdoor LED Wall safe even in extreme conditions such as rains.

Outdoor LED walls are the best solution for a business’ different digital display needs. Advertisements, promotions, entertainment, or news and information—using an outdoor LED wall is the perfect choice for you. Outdoor LED walls can also operate 24/7 for thousands of hours, making it cost-efficient and reliable for businesses to utilize.

La Niña Season in the Philippines

Rainy season has already started in the Philippines, which usually runs from June to November every year. During mid-May, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) declared the start of the early rainy season. Reports of low pressure areas and Habagat are expected to bring rainfalls, according to the Philippine News Agency (PNA).

Weather conditions can also be extremely unpredictable sometimes. Including the factor that the Philippines is a tropical country, rainfalls happen in the country throughout the year. Expect downpours even off of the wet season from time to time.

Fortunately, different types of Ingress Protection (IP) ratings are installed with the Outdoor LED walls. It defines the durability and security of the device when it contacts dust, dirt, and water, easing worries of malfunctioning. The installation also comes with a sturdy protective housing to keep the Outer LED Wall secure. Additionally, the strong adhesive glue ensures the digital signages are intact with the housing, whether it’s on the ground or hanging on a building.

Digital signages keep running even through the unfortunate weather. Mediacast offers Premiere Outdoor LED Walls, equipped with a brightness sensor for different lighting environments. It is effective in keeping passers-by informed and up-to-date through any visibility in any kind of weather. Security of Outdoor LED Walls should be one of the foremost priorities of owners, especially if it gets extensive exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Outdoor LED Wall on a Rainy Weather

Precautions and Safety Measures for Outdoor LED Walls

  • Be Keen on Waterproof Measures

Digital signages are running by electricity, making it vulnerable to any form of liquids. Thus, Outdoor LED Walls should be waterproof or have an IP protection that can shield them from the rain. Mediacast’s Outdoor LED Walls always come with sturdy housing and protected with different IP degrees.

  • Regular Check for Outdoor LED Walls’ Support Structure

Winds come naturally with tropical cyclones, especially with the stronger storms. The blows of the wind are more powerful and more dangerous than rainfall itself. If the Outdoor LED Wall begins swinging, the pressure these winds bring on the screen, housing, and connections might cause damage.

Make sure to regularly check the structure of your standing or hanging Outdoor LED Wall. Frequent examinations will inform you if there should be updates or changes to enact. Check-ups inform you if tightening the screws or replacements are in need, preventing both property damage and injuries. Mediacast utilizes a special binding material for the components of its outdoor installation. It makes the product less prone to detachment of its parts even amidst torrential rains.

  • Temperature Cooling Precaution

Paired with the weather changes, temperatures in the environment can also influence Outdoor LED Wall. The temperature could be intensely hot for a moment, and quickly change to a cold temperature in the next minute. Constantly changing temperatures can greatly affect the LED’s integrated circuit.

Installation of cooling ventilation inside and outside the screen will constantly maintain its temperature at -10 to 40 degrees Celsius. Attaching axial fans above the Outdoor LED Wall can also help, when it comes to the heat to prevent burning.

  • Use Suitable Wire Cables

When it comes to LED Walls, using the appropriate wires are a must. Before the installation, you must choose the wire that is neither too big nor too tight-fitting, especially that Outdoor LED Walls run for thousands of hours. Select the wires that are either heat resistant or waterproof. Wires can easily be the cause of fire due to heat, while electricity and water are not the best combination.

  • Installing Lightning Protection

Lightning is harmful to most equipment and machines running on electricity, including Outdoor LED Walls. Installing lightning rods, lightning arresters, and other lightning protection devices are necessary.

Safety with Mediacast

The safety of the viewers of our Outdoor LED Walls and our clients is our utmost priority. As Filipinos keep safe from the upcoming rainy season, we, too, prepare to offer digital signages that could withstand any weather condition—rain or shine. As Mediacast continues to improve its products in harmony with this fast-paced modernized world, we make sure that your company is able to still appeal to your audiences with vivid visuals accompanied by quality materials even through these gloomy, rainy months.


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