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January 12, 2021

Touch Screen Technology in the Times of Pandemic

Technology has played a significant role in people's lives during this pandemic. Online transactions to online meetings have considerably affected coping with the current health crisis. But one development that remained consistent and is aiding us through contactless interactions today is touch screen technology.

The pandemic has changed our lives. But did it also change how we use our technology? There is no doubt that COVID19 has affected everyone’s lives. Due to this, pandemic hygiene regulations are stricter. The “new normal” mainly brings physical contactless transactions and the cleaning of hands. So much has changed in our daily routines to our use of technology. Adjusting to this new way of living is important to avoid getting infected.

What is Touch Screen Technology?

Touch screen technology has influenced every person’s life. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, automobiles, gaming consoles, printers, elevators, industries, ATMs, shopping malls, and ticket vending machines are all examples of touch screen technology. These are all used in our everyday lives. The increased demand for practical Graphical User Interfaces has led to this technology.

Essentially, a touch screen is an input device in a machine. More importantly, this technology is based distinctly on its hardware dimensions. A single point of contact is one-dimensional, like a button. You can touch, drag, write, swipe, pinch, etc. A touch screen provides two-dimensional input devices. Also, there is a three-dimensional user interface. It is where hand gestures in free space act as input.

Touch screen technology is a form of gesture-based technology that allows for direct manipulation. This operation is the ability to change the digital world inside a screen. Furthermore, this technology is an electronic visual display. It is capable of detecting and locating a touch over its display area.

Additionally, this technology’s system includes both hardware and software. The hardware consists of a self-contained, embedded system with an 8-bit microcontroller, various types of interfaces, and driver circuits. Using a programming language, it creates system software drivers.

But, what about probable infection?

A touch screen has a gesture control function for contactless interaction. But sanitizing is the way to go in other touch screen equipment with no gesture function. With this, it is proper to place a sanitizing kiosk beside the touch screens. Requiring cleaning of hands before and after use of the device is essential.
Another option is to have a person clean the machine. Be it as it may, touch screens are already a big part of our lives. Lastly, disabling is not possible. It will continue to be of use with the new adjustments.

Touch Screen Technology: An Impregnable Solution to Modern Day Problem

The current pandemic has truly changed how we live our lives daily. Gone are the days when we considered alcohol and sanitizers non-essential and going out for leisure was an easy decision to make. Now, people are skeptical about interacting with others and surfaces touched by people they do not know.

But because of the superior technology today, people are not entirely kept from their previous lifestyles. As touch screen technology, there are many digital applications created that give people a sense of their old lives while keeping themselves safe. Thus, it is prudent to say that technological advancements give us a ticket to get through any more outbreaks.


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