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Video Wall: An Ideal Digital

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November 11, 2020

Video Wall: An Ideal Digital Solution for Command Centers

Video wall systems are an important feature of command centers since they help to streamline monitoring procedures.

Command centers traced back to the early days of television. Separate screens were the cutting-edge technology at the time. But, it was difficult back then. There was still no video wall to better assist command center operators.

Displaying high-quality visuals was challenging. There were only complex control panels. So, it took up too much time. Also, it delays access to critical data. Before, showing data on a specific screen was complicated.

But in today’s era, command centers should respond quickly enough to overflowing data. Since providing data is now at a breakneck speed. Do you know an effective solution for this problem in a command center? Have you ever thought about how a video wall is a quick fix?

Command Centers

Command centers are specialized meeting spaces. It monitors assigned surroundings and responds to occurrences. Handling incidents ranging from trivial matters to big crises happens here. Additionally, it is a source of leadership and guidance. Selected team members unite their knowledge and expertise in that area. Thus, maintaining order is a guarantee in this place.

Video Walls

Video walls are seamless multi-display monitors. These consist of video projectors tiled together to make a giant screen. As you may know, video walls offer many benefits and features. This revolutionary technology has a high-definition display, consistent brightness, and larger picture formats. Also, it can have centralized control that single monitors cannot provide.

Reasons Why Video Wall is an Ideal Solution

Make your command center more modern and digital. Replace your old screens with unified video walls. It will help overcome problems in your command center. Furthermore, these innovative video display technologies help teams achieve their goals. For instance, sharing information and centralizing planning. It also delivers help where it is needed.

Curious about what more digital solutions can a video wall do for a command center? Keep reading to find out.

Video Wall Displays High-Resolution Visuals

Command centers are critical decision-making hubs for priority tasks. Activities range from business operations to plane flight control. Besides, people in the room need real-time visual analytics. This tailors clarity and awareness in delivering support. As a result, seamless high-resolution video walls produce bright, straightforward content.

A command center with a video wall will have an ultra-high resolution and a large size display. It gives clear visibility of data. The display layout is very adaptable. So, customizing it to fit the form and size of the room is possible. It can be designed based on the demands and workflows of the team. Also, it scales over the entire screen. Thus, improving situational assessment.

Efficient Functionality

Video walls rapidly broadcast video and information. As a result, high-resolution digital panels have a wide range of content. Showing maps to video streams on a bright screen. Operators can choose what to show on the screen. Adjusting video feeds is also possible.

Increase Information Flow

Information is now becoming more complex while video resolution is improving. Hence, video walls provide flexibility. It positively adapts to digital demands. These digital displays allow operators to control videos with a simple interface. In addition, the displayed information on the screen will flow rapidly. This technology minimizes disorderly information-sharing.

Improve Team Collaboration

The team sets order out of data chaos. This is through a centralized and collaborative environment. Since the flow of information comes in different places, data comes from other departments, business units, or regions. That’s why info displays cannot be cluttered. Moreover, it increases the process data from multiple sources. The video wall’s flexibility makes it possible.

This is crucial in situations that need quick actions. Collaboration in workstations helps keep information organized. Video wall makes it available when needed. Also, it can be distributed to any collaborator or at a different place.

Teams can adjust content across all screens. In addition, they can collaborate in real-time across workstations. People can watch their information feeds and present them on the wall display as needed.

Video Wall: A Digital Solution You Can Trust

Finally, now you know why a video wall is an effective solution for a command center. A video wall is, without a doubt, a great digital signage solution. It is ideal for command centers.  Video walls aren’t going to come cheap. However, if implemented correctly in your command center, it can generate the necessary benefits.


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