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Businesses Resume in the Pandemic

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January 18, 2021

Businesses Resume in the Pandemic with Digital Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the profits of so many businesses to plummet. The frequent lockdowns limited the customer foot traffic in many establishments. But as economies reopen, companies strategize their plans to recover from the crisis' financial devastation. Through digital signage technology, there are maximum growth opportunities with its numerous shapes and forms.

The COVID-19 pandemic is nearly a year since it caused lockdowns in many countries. One can recall how the strange disease came about in China in the last months of 2019. From this, infections slowly rose locally and internationally. People moved back and forth from their homes to their schools and workplaces. Also, travel remained consistent.

COVID-19 in the Philippines

Here in the Philippines, the government learned of the first case of local transmission on March 5, 2020. After that, community quarantines began. At first, this was only for Metro Manila, but as cases soared, the rest of the country followed suit.

Community Quarantine

The community quarantine (general, modified general, modified enhanced, and enhanced) held strict orders that controlled the number of people outside their homes. It aimed to limit the number of external physical contacts, thus decreasing the chances of infection. But the coronavirus proved to be tough to contain, and community quarantines lengthened.

Quarantine guidelines became even more stern, making people stay at home. On the one hand, this helped the health sector address the number of patients diagnosed with the illness. On the other hand, it negatively affected the business sector, specifically the retail sector. The limit on individuals going outside has greatly decreased customer foot traffic in malls and restaurants.

But with medical research done, drug treatments and vaccines targeted to handle COVID-19 have been made. It has led to recovery rates increasing and infection rates decreasing. So, health and safety measures have begun to ease up and more people can go outside their homes. That said, businesses are beginning to see the light of day.

Recovering from the Pandemic

As businesses reopen, they must carefully plan to encourage the market to visit them and purchase from their brands. One way is to redesign their floor plans and planograms and redecorate their places. It will make customers feel a sense of newness with the area.
Because the pandemic has forced people to depend greatly on technology, this change in consumer behavior must be highly considered.

Digital Technology

Digital signage technology has been present even before the coronavirus pandemic began. But only a few retail establishments saw its importance. But with the global health crisis and its effect, modernization is the only best choice.

The Pros of Digital Technology

A clear communication line and attraction are the main upsides of digital signage technology (Mann, 2020).

1. Communication Line

Institutions normally give information through printed promotions posted on critical locations within and outside their establishments. This way of communication with the market is not cost-efficient and creates unwanted dirt. But through the advanced digital signage technology, promotional materials will no longer have to be printed. Instead, cloud software will take care of the information that digital signages will flash on their screens.

2. Attraction

The market is thirsty for fun, entertainment, and engagement after being stuck within the four walls of their homes. Addressing this consumer need is best through digital signage technology. The wide LED screens of digital signages attract customers’ eyes as it gives them the feeling of being inside a digital art museum. Also, the interactive screens of digital signages allow them to engage and immerse themselves in a high-tech environment.

Application of Digital Technology

Digital signage technology comes in so many shapes and forms. Mediacast Digital Group offers businesses a wide array of choices to update their space. The following are only a few of the digital signages that can significantly impact your business even after this crisis:

  • Holographic Fan Display

It comes as no surprise that the retail sector immensely suffered from the persistent lockdowns imposed by the government. Now, catching the attention and tickling the interest of consumers is easy with the Holographic Fan Display. This digital signage technology sharply takes the looker into a 3D trance. Then, it encourages them to walk into the store and see the display closely, thus exposing them to the brand’s products.

  • Table Top Display

Filipino millennials had a strong liking for dining outside with their peers. But the pandemic kept them within their homes and caused this restaurant frenzy to stop. But as businesses reopen, there is an expectation for the rush of diners. Warmly welcome them with the Table Top Display as they take their seats by renewed table displays. Also, implementing this digital signage will keep the customers creating crowds. Thus, your business upholds social distancing.

  • Vesta Double-Sided Display

Cases of fraudulent online sellers and unhappy online buyers became rampant during the long-enhanced community quarantine. Consumers grew loyal to only one brand or seller to ease their fears. It makes brand exposure a crucial factor for businesses today. The Vesta Double-Sided Display makes sure that customers see your promotional collaterals regardless of the direction that they are walking. Its bright and vivid display makes every detail of your materials readable by your audience. Thus, the market becomes highly exposed to your brand.

Your Success is Our Guarantee

Digital signage technology and the list of its uses go on and on. It shows its importance and the power it can give businesses and brands alike. With all these said, take your chance and equip yourself with the right tools to reopen a successful business. And Mediacast Digital Group is enthusiastic about being your partner in this growth.


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