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The OWL Thermal Recognition Scanner

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November 10, 2020

The OWL Thermal Recognition Scanner

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a cascading effect on the country's health and business sectors. To survive, businesses and institutions implemented health-safety measures in their facilities. But these proved to be deficient. So, Mediacast Digital Group Inc. recommends the OWL Thermal Recognition Scanner to screen incoming customers better.

In November 2020, the World Health Organization reported 12,355 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines. The rising number of infections in the country compelled the government to tighten restrictions to contain the virus. But such measures negatively impacted the livelihoods of so many Filipinos. It forced many businesses to close as profits fell and leasing costs remained high. Meanwhile, those who stayed in the market struggled to balance their income and expenses.

Initial Measures Taken

With the current COVID-19 situation, countless mall owners, businesses, and companies have found ways to survive and keep their operations running. To entice customers, they have installed sanitizer dispenser machines, and thermal scanners, and provided thermometer guns to their security personnel to help cope with the new normal. 

However, these machines proved somehow inadequate for the job. They started long lines and slow queues, which is ironic since it does not promote social distancing. This conundrum compelled businesses to rely on automated and digital intelligence to detect symptomatic individuals more efficiently, particularly those with fever.

A Modern Solution’s Aid

Fortunately, the advancement in technology nowadays happens ever so quickly. Businesses quickly invest in new applications and equipment to improve their image and market propositions.

To solve this, Mediacast Digital Group Inc. offers an innovative OWL Thermal Recognition Scanner (with OWL standing for Optical Wide Lens). It is with non-invasive screening and quick temperature detection leaders. Furthermore, they can speed up the queuing process while still collecting the necessary data from customers. Its portable size and built-in 60° wide-angle detection screen people of all heights and sizes.

What’s more? The OWL Thermal Recognition Scanner no longer requires human intervention while in operation. Security personnel only need to enable the equipment to start. It allows them to free their hands and inspect incoming customers while maintaining proper social distancing while entering the building. 

OWL in the New Normal

If your company is looking for efficient and effective ways to deal with the “new normal,” we strongly recommend investing in digital solutions like the OWL Thermal Recognition Scanner. Mediacast Digital Group not only provides this, but it is also dependable in terms of installation and after-sales service. Thus, you can be confident that your company is well-equipped to deal with this pandemic. 


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